Since 2004, Replicat has replicated over 20,000 CD album and DVD video titles. We now manufacture all components in Australia, including glass mastering pressing and CD printing, plastic case and booklet packaging, and a comprehensive range of printed cardboard sleeves, gatefold wallets, and traypacks. 

Instant Project Prices

To check on screen project pricing and receive quotes & templates for a CD or DVD replication project, see our project calculators below.

Discs in Printed Card Packs

CD sleeves, gatefolds & traypacks

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Discs in Plastic Case Packs

CD jewel case & DVD library case packs

Bulk Discs & Printed Blanks

Discs in bulk, including printed blanks

Custom Tailored CD & DVD Packs

We can produce virtually any custom disc packaging, but we'll need your detailed project info to provide a price on the following types of packs:

Custom Multi Disc

Template design & production for 2CD+

Hardcover Disc Packs

Design and production for hardcover

Books With Discs

Printing & binding for books + discs

Custom Boxes & Slipcases

Template design & production

Why Do CDs Remain Popular For Independent Artists & Labels?

CD replication is still Replicat's equal largest product sales category, alongside vinyl pressing. We are also seeing a revival in consumer demand for all physical media formats.

In an era where digital tracks are considered virtually free to download and share, artists continue to receive a reasonable sale price for CDs - and at around 1/3 of the production cost and half the lead time of vinyl pressing.

CD albums and other merch provide an opportunity for fans to support the artist, impulse purchase at gigs, and retain a physical souvenir of events and people that are important to them. The printed jackets allow artists to add exclusive material not available in digital, such as lyric booklets, signed & personalised copies, braille dots and more.

And as for the difference in sound quality between digital streams and CD or vinyl, we can't say it better than Mast Gully Fellers: 

Streaming is convenient, and easy, but all recorded music sounds much better on vinyl or CD. It just opens up the sound so sweetly! Luckily for us, the guys at @replicat_australia were able to produce our album ‘The Great Divide’ on both compact disc and recycled vinyl.

Nootebook Pro



Free professional photos of your completed production run

Every two months, we send a copy of the vinyl, CD, USB, cassette and pin albums we've manufactured to a local professional photographer. The photos are then posted to our Instagram page along with project details, including any credits to the artist, label, designers and studio our clients provide. 

We've added over 1500 project photos to our Instagram page over the past two years. You can access these by clicking any of the project images below.

These photos are provided free to the artist or label for use in their marketing after the production run.

The essential importance of glass mastered replicated discs as players get older

Replicat CDs and DVDs are offset printed and replicated from glass master, which is now considered essential for reliable playback.

Many older disc players are struggling to play duplicated (burned) CD-R and DVD-R discs. Replicated discs on the other hand retain data in the moulded OGP substrate layer which does not degrade in direct sunlight or heat in the way CD-Rs and DVD-Rs can.

We do offer both replicated and duplicated discs in our project calculators, but highly recommend that you select replicated discs if the albums are intended for to be sold, collected, or sent to radio stations.

We'd like to thank..

We've generated a huge library of photos via the free production run photo service during the past couple of years. All of these artists and many of the designers and studios have been credited on our Instagram post. In addition, we'd like to thank the following labels and artists for the use of their images on this website page:

Pleasure Heads Must Burn - Remastered DVD, The Birthday Party feat. Nick Cave, released by Possum Records 2021
Oaatchapai CD, Sam Anning, Released by Ear Shift Music, 2022
Escapades, The Omnific, Released by Wild Thing Records 2022
Flicker & Polar Bird 2CD set, Andrea Keller 2023
Brave New World Semi-Hardcover CD and booklet set, Wayne Tallowin 2015
Fun Music Company CD and spiral bound book collection Prep to Year 6, released by Fun Music Company 2017 to 2023+
The Last Symphony A Retrospective 4CD set in USA Longbox slipcase, Shotgun Symphony, released by Melodic Rock Records 2017
The Great Divide CD & vinyl LP, Mast Gully Fellers 2023


Artwork Templates & File Prep

You'll find artwork templates at the top of each product page (project price calculator page) below the description. We will also attach templates for the selected components if you request a quote via email at the bottom of that page.

We require high resolution CMYK PDF files with embedded images and outlined text - with cropmarks retained but all other template lines suite, Affinity, CANVA and others - so if you're not 100% sure how to prepare print ready files in your preferred app, head to our Art Prep Guide:
Paper and card stocks used

Here are the paper and card stocks currently used in Replicat CD & vinyl packaging. The links provide details on the chain of custody and manufacturing source for each stock.


PEFC white coated cardboard - Spicers Zenith (for CD wallets and vinyl jackets)

FSC silk paper stock - Domain Finesse (for vinyl booklets / inserts)

100% recycled white card / paper coated - Ecostar coated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)

100% recycled white card / paper uncoated - Ecostar uncoated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)

100% recycled brown card / paper uncoated - Botany uncoated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)



If you're applying for a grant and need to include the paper / card stock type in the application, please check with our team to confirm the stocks being quoted. We'll be happy to provide a short list for you to include in the application on request - or if you know the stocks, just cut/paste from the list above :)


Replicat Layout Service
We offer a layout and design service for $90+gst per hour. A typical LP project might take 2 to 4 hours depending on the components and amount of image work involved. 

If you'd like to use this service, please provide high resolution images (at least 300 dpi at intended print size) and spell-checked name-checked text for each separate panel and AB label face. Estimates are free with no obligation to proceed.
Recommended Rich black % for disc face and paper/card printing

We recommend the following rich black formulae for solid colour black backgrounds: P

aper/Card printing (booklets, wallets, sleeves, inlays): (C)yan 30% (M)agenta 20% (Y)ellow 0% Blac(K) 100%

CD DVD disc face printing: (C)yan 40% (M)agenta 20% (Y)ellow 20% Blac(K) 100% 

Note: It is also possible to screenprint a solid black PMS. Surcharge applies - check with your Replicat rep.

Accepted & Preferred Master Formats

Replicated CD - 650MB capacity - 74 minute maximum audio length - DDP image via upload preferred - physical CD-R masters also accepted via post
Note: If you have mastered WAV or AIFF track files but no DDP, we can create a DDP master for $60+gst.

Replicated DVD5 - 4.7GB capacity - approx one hour standard definition video - DDP image or DVD-R physical master preferred 

Replicated DVD9 - 7.9GB capacity - approx two hours standard definition video - 2 x DDP images or 2 x DVD-R (one for layer 0 one for layer 1) accepted, but we prefer DVDRDL masters that you've tested on all intended players and platforms. 

All duplicated formats (CD-R, DVD-R, DVDRDL) - we required a physical master in the same disc type being produced (i.e. CD-R master for CD-R duplication).

DVD Authoring
DVD authoring for DVD5 or DVD9 is available.

Please provide a link to your video MP4, MOV or similar file and we'll provide a quote.

Rates vary depending on whether title is play-on-insert (no menu) or a full menu authoring with chapter points.

We can also cater for your supplied closed caption and language text files on request.

DDP Master Compilation for CD Audio & Free Sonoris Player Software download
DDP master creation - $60+gst - provide WAV or AIFF track files together with a DDP creation form (provided with your quote email on request). 

To receive and install Replicat’s DDP Player, please go to:

and enter key 4E05-585C-734D-A0E6

Barcodes, ISRC codes, IP Rights


Barcodes and ISRC codes are optional for any disc replication or duplication order, but we do recommend them to identify your product.

If you already have digital distribution for a CD Audio album, chances are that the digital distributor will have already assigned a barcode to the album and ISRC codes to the tracks. (Use Google to find a barcode image generator and incorporate that image into your artwork.) If you're not sure which digital aggregator to use, but would like to talk to someone local, we have an option here for you via Ditto Music: Replicat Digital Start

If you'd like Replicat to provide a barcode and barcode image for your product, just request this when you submit your order form. We'll assign a unique Replicat barcode number and email you back a barcode image. Pass this on to your designer to incorporate into your artwork and your mastering engineer to include on your album (or Replicat can do this - check with us for finishing service rates).


If you need ISRC codes, please send an email to the governing body ARIA to have them issued for free:


If you are recording a song not of your own composition, you are required to obtain a clearance from AMCOS before we can replicate CDs.

This approval must be in writing. It should be noted that AMCOS can take up to 8 weeks to provide a licence approval and no sales should take place before receiving this licensed approval. AMCOS will explain the issues of copyright and royalties which need to be paid by you. For original compositions we recommend you protect your proprietary interest by also registering with AMCOS.

AMCOS Australia
Locked bag 3456
Tel: (02) 9935 7700
Fax: (02) 9935 7709


Prior to DVD's or games being sold they must be classified by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Film Classification must appear on the paper part artwork in approved format.
Office of Film and Literature Classification
Locked Bag 3
Tel: (02) 9289 7100
Fax: (02) 9289 7101

CD Text & Gracenote

The difference between CD-Text and Gracenote (TM)

CD-Text is included on your replicated or duplicated discs if (and only if) the CD-Text is included on a CD Audio master provided to Replicat.

However, it is important to note that not all CD players will recognise or display CD-Text even if it appears on the discs. Computers ignore CD-Text altogether and instead access track/album info from online database like Gracenote or CDDB.

If you need to check CD-Text info on a replicated or duplicated CD Audio disc, please check the discs on a set-top player (not a computer) that you know displays CD-Text directly from the disc and not from an online track database.

If you need to submit your disc details to Gracenote, simply do the following:

  1. Insert your CD Audio disc into a computer that has iTunes installed
  2. Open iTunes
  3. When iTunes opens up, DO NOT import the CD into your library. Simply click “No” in the dialog box.
  4. Select your first track then right click and select “Get Info”. Fill in all the information in the “Get Info” tab, then click “Next” and continue the process until all the tracks have information.
  5. Select "submit track names" from the advanced menu.

Now wait! The above steps log all your information with the online database and anyone who puts your disc into a computer with iTunesTM etc will have the information. However, it can take a few days for Gracenote servers to update and for your information to be available to all users.

Note: Unless you do this, the track/album details will not appear for anyone playing your disc on a computer even if the CD-Text is present on your replicated disc.

I've received my discs and the CD track info isn't appearing (correctly) on my CD player..!

Replicat guarantee to provide exact copies of the master we receive. Please read the following very carefully.

There is likely no problem with your discs. Any CD Text on the master you submitted is the same as the CD Text on your discs. We guarantee it. If you like, email the Replicat team and we can take our QC sample and email you a photo of the CD track text from playing track one as displayed on our office player.

Not all CD players read CD text and many older units display no track info at all.
Some CD players do read CD text (like our office model) and display the track info directly from the CD Text on the replicated disc.

MOST CD players, plus iTunes, PC based players, Mac based players, most car stereos and many others ignore the cd text on your replicated disc. Instead, these players actually read the track information from a worldwide database called Gracenote ( This is incredibly counter-intuitive, which is why every CD replication house in the world gets concerned artists on their doorstep almost every week claiming that their CDs have missing/wrong track data.

The artist, not the replication house, is responsible for uploading the correct track information to Gracenote. We provide step by step instructions in the section above. This is your data, your IP and your responsibility to manage this information to Gracenote. No replication house or mastering house we know of offers a Gracenote upload service for free, and Replicat doesn’t offer it at all – it is the sort of data that should be managed by you, the artist.

Finally – if the track data does appear on Gracenotes but is incorrect, then I strongly recommend that you shoot an email across to Gracenote see: first and ask for their special instructions on how to change incorrect track details on their database, as opposed to uploading for the first time. We’ve heard of this before, where an album or track with very similar lengths or other features is incorrectly matched by Gracenote.

Also note that once you’ve uploaded, it takes several days at times for Gracenote to update their servers, so it may take a little while.

If you’re still having any issues after going through the above, then go back to the DDP master you approved and check it on our free DDP player software if needed to confirm that the tracks etc listed on the DDP screen are correct. If you submitted a physical master from a studio, then check back with your studio.