How to place an order

Here's how to order. 

Step 1: Get a quote for the required product.

On any product page, selected your required quantity and components, then complete the quote request form. The quote PDF and templates should arrive within 60 seconds. 

Note: You'll also find various custom sourcing request pages throughout the site, for things like box sets. These take a bit of time to figure out a full custom quote, but we'll eventually provide a quote PDF via email just like our standard album and merch product lines.

Step 2: Complete the order link

On each quote email, you'll find a link to an order form. Complete that form to start the order process.

Step 3: Upload your materials

On each quote email, you'll find a link to upload masters (if applicable) and artwork.

Step 4: Pay your deposit

A 50% deposit is required to commence. Bank details and deposit amount are shown on every quote.

Step 5: Wait for proofs

We'll be in touch to confirm receipt of all materials. Artwork will go through pre-flight and proofing checks to make sure it's ready for print. Masters will go through pre-flight to ensure compliance with industry standards (CD, DVD) or through a cutting and test pressing process (vinyl).