Master guidelines - USB music albums

Music Album USBs

The best option we've found for car stereo and smart TV plug-n-play USBs is to put MP3 files in the root folder of the USB drive. It's best if you prefix the files 01, 02 etc or similar so that they sort alphanumerically into the correct play order. You can then put WAV track files, images, lyric sheet PDFs and/or video files into their own sub-folders.

Please note however that there is no universal standard for plug-n-play music USBs. Correct playback will depend on the device.

We can create MP3 files from your supplied WAV / AIFF track files on request (typically $60+gst per album). For an additional fee, we can embed your supplied images into each MP3 file, so that these images appear on car stereo or smart TV screens that support this format.

Multiple albums on a single USB

One of the best features of USB drives is their ability to hold loads and loads of data. With a 16GB or 32GB drive, you could include your entire back catalogue on a single drive - with lyric sheets, live concert videos, and alternate audio formats.

These multiple album drives might require a bit of planning to put together correctly, so please have a chat to our team as a starting point. We can assist with free advice, or a full master compilation service - whatever your project needs.