Paper & card stocks

Here are the paper and card stocks currently used in Replicat CD & vinyl packaging. The links provide details on the chain of custody and manufacturing source for each stock.


PEFC white coated cardboard - Spicers Zenith (for CD wallets and vinyl jackets)

FSC silk paper stock - Domain Finesse (for vinyl booklets / inserts)

100% recycled white card / paper coated - Ecostar coated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)

100% recycled white card / paper uncoated - Ecostar uncoated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)

100% recycled brown card / paper uncoated - Botany uncoated (100% recycled option for CD wallets)



If you're applying for a grant and need to include the paper / card stock type in the application, please check with our team to confirm the stocks being quoted. We'll be happy to provide a short list for you to include in the application on request - or if you know the stocks, just cut/paste from the list above :)