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Replicat would like to thank the following artists and designers for their permission to use pack images:


Fiona Boyes, Voodoo in the Shadows 12" vinyl with 3mm spine jacket:

Artwork: Kirsty Hough
Folk Art: Fiona Boyes
Cover photo: Cristina Arrigoni

Movember -


Simon Bevilacqua, The Legendary Knights 
Artwork: Chris Downes

Diana May Clark, Self Titled 4 panel Smile Cut CD

Website -
Designer: Ash Oswald -

Wayne Tallowin - custom softcover CD pack

Designer: Nas Ghadiri 


Title: Antihero
Artist; Jaguar Jones
Artwork: Jaguar Jonze
Web: @jaguarjonze
Design: Matti Vandersee @vndlzr

Title: Walk With Me
Artist: Juan Manrique

Title: Harmony
Artist: James Warner
Web is
Designer: Portfolio 0422 103 806

Title: Maps for Losing Oneself
Artist: Nick Tsiavos
Facebook: Nick Tsiavos Music

Title: As For Now
Artist: Max Grynchuk
Designer: Bonnie Aue

Title: Ensemble Q Live
Artist: Trish & Paul Dean
Designer: Trish Dean

Title: A Word Is Waiting
Artist: Nine Year Sister
Designer: Nine Year Sister

Title: I Will Lift You Up
Artist: The Anywheres / Dom Italiano

Scott from MazzXT Music -

Margaret James -

Georgia Carr



Hal Leonard

World Photography

Seth Sentry

Jetty Road

Paperhouse Cashgrab

Yoga to Health




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