Artwork guidelines and services

Replicat graphic design & layout services

If you'd like a hand from the Replicat team to prepare artwork, please provide the following:

1. Images - minimum 300 dpi at intended print size

2. Text - spell-checked, name-checked text for each separate panel / surface (don't forget the disc face if you're producing CD DVD BD or vinyl A/B labels)

3. (Optional) - mockup or quick sketch showing any design ideas and preferences

Layout service: If a fixed price layout service is available, you'll see the cost on the product page (instant quote page)

Graphic design service: $75+gst per hour (free estimates available once you've prepared items 1-3 above)

Where are the templates?

If you're creating your own artwork, or contracting your own graphic designer, artwork templates and size guides are found on every product page in the top right, underneath the product description. 

Templates are typically provided in PDF format with the exact dimensions for the quoted product. If a specific template isn't available, we'll provide a general purpose template / guide. 

How do I prepare artwork with a PDF template?

1. Download the template/s for your product

2. Open Photoshop or your preferred design software

3. Drag the template onto your design desktop and save this as a template layer

4. Design your artwork on a different layer. Carefully note any IMPOSITION, BLEED and SAFE AREA requirements.

5. Save the file

6. Turn the template layer off, but if possible retain any cropmarks and panel names in the final artwork file. This will help us align the artwork perfectly first time. 

7. Output the artwork in PDFx1a format (save as PDF, selecting PDFx1a format). This converts text to outlines and any RGB elements to CMYK, then outputs at a compact high resolution file, retaining sharp vector information for text and other vector images. It’s ideal for print.

How do I prepare artwork for the general purpose template?

1. Provide a vector image (AI, EPS, unflattened PDF) for the artwork

2. If possible, provide a mockup showing the approximate intended position of your artwork, superimposed on our product photo

Note: If you're using the general purpose template, we'll provide a JPG or PDF proof on a product image or outline for your approval before production. We request vector artwork to allow accurate resizing without any loss in resolution.