Artwork Preparation

Recommended Formats

  • Photoshop / Corel Draw: Save As PDFx1a
  • Illustrator / InDesign: Embed all fonts (or outline all text), embed all images, convert any RGB images to CMYK, save as high resolution PDF

Note: If you're working with different design software, we need a high resolution CMYK PDF file at correct (100%) size with template lines removed. Embed all images and fonts (or outline text). See example below. 

How do I prepare artwork?

  1. Request a quote email via any product page.
  2. Find the PDF templates attached to quote email.
  3. Open Photoshop or your preferred design software
  4. Drag the template onto your design software desktop and save this as a template layer
  5. Design your artwork on a different layer
  6. Important: Extend the background image to the blue dotted (bleed) line. Keep text and essential images inside the green dotted safe area line. We cut / fold on the solid lines. 
  7. Make a safety backup.
  8. Delete all template lines / info that lie inside the blue dotted (bleed) lines.
  9. See output options above.

Special Instructions for CD DVD disc face

Disc face artwork for CD and DVD is slightly different. Please make the disc artwork the exact same size and shape as the grey background. Once you've done that, delete the grey background completely, but retain the four cross hairs so we know exactly how to position your artwork.

Special Instructions for vinyl AB labels

Vinyl AB labels can move off centre a little during the machine affixing process. For this reason, we recommend that clients avoid placing text or circles around the outer edge.


Here's a little example of an REP201 cardboard sleeve and disc face the way we'd like to receive them. Note the crop marks are retained from the template, but all template lines inside the blue dotted (bleed) line have been removed: