Custom Shape Pins

If your audience has a long way to walk - or a long festival to dance through - custom shaped cast metal lapel pins are the perfect easy-sale lightweight merch item.

And...we've taken that a step further by creating a full colour printed backing card that contains a Bandcamp download code. So even a modest pin becomes a valuable album (or bonus material) with a pin souvenir.



Step 1: Send us your sketch, logo or photo. We'll then turn that into a 3D design for your approval prior to production. 

Step 2: We'll create a mold and produce sample units of the shell. Depending on the urgency, we can supply high resolution photos or actual physical samples for check and approval. Once approved, we proceed to the main production run, chip assembly and (if required) data load.

Step 3: Send us the download codes to your Bandcamp private no-charge album (see our download card page for details). We'll print the cards, then send to you separately for assembly.