We manufacture our vinyl records in Australia - ensuring responsive service, fast test pressings, and 6 to 7 week overall production lead time.

Our range includes 150g and 180g 12" LPs, 7"singles, black and colour PVC, discount recycled PVC,  locally printed REPV26 and REPV27 vinyl gatefold wallets, plus a full range of printed jackets, inserts, inner sleeves, outer wraps, OBI strips, and DL cards.

Instant Project Prices

To check pricing and receive a quote & templates for a vinyl record pressing project, see our project calculators below.


Full 12 inch LP range

All 12" LP project pricing calculators

Full 7 inch range

All 7"single project pricing calculators


3mm spine standard jacket


6mm spine 4 panel LP gatefold


6mm spine 2LP jacket


6mm spine 4 panel 2LP gatefold


7" single with jacket (no holes)


7" single with jacket (holes)

Free professional photos of your completed production run

Every two months, we send a copy of the vinyl, CD, USB, cassette and pin albums we've manufactured to a local professional photographer. These photos are then posted to our Instagram page along with project details, including any credits to the artist, label, designers and studio our clients provide. 

We've added over 1500 project photos to our Instagram page over the past two years. You can access these by clicking any of the project images below.

These photos are provided free to the artist or label for use in their marketing after the production run.

Recycled colour PVC LPs now $2 to $3 cheaper than black

We now have recycled colour options on every LP project price calculator. 

This popular new option doesn't just look amazing, the recycled PVC LPs also have a lower noise floor and slightly better signal to noise (LP volume) as a result of the PVC having passing through the extruders once during the original pressing, then returning to solid form with overs and setup units de-labelled granulated and stored, then finally passing through the extruder a second time when we press your recycled PVC LPs.

At these very discounted prices, it's a lucky dip on colour selection, but our clients have been thrilled so far with how well the recycled material complements their jacket art. See recent examples below, and there are many more now displayed on our Instagram page.
Image Instagram links and project details open in new window



Artwork Templates & File Prep

You'll find artwork templates at the top of each product page (project price calculator page) below the description. We will also attach templates for the selected components if you request a quote via email at the bottom of that page.

We require high resolution CMYK PDF files with embedded images and outlined text - with cropmarks retained but all other template lines removed.

We recently completed a study of all major design apps including Corel, Adobe suite, Affinity, CANVA and others - so if you're not 100% sure how to prepare print ready files in your preferred app, head to our Art Prep guide.

Accepted & Preferred Master Formats

Ideally we prefer files supplied 24 bit 48K WAV or AIFF files. But we can accept a wider range from 16/44 to 24/96.

We recommend providing 2 WAV files - one for side A and one for side B. That ensures gaps and track order can't go astray. But if you'd like to include individual tracks, just ensure that you've also included a gap at the end of each track and prefix each track A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. 

Finally a track listing, and preferably a full cue sheet with track and side start / finish times is essential.

Recommended Maximum Playlengths & the choice between 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm

Replicat Layout Service
We offer a layout and design service for $90+gst per hour. A typical LP project might take 2 to 4 hours depending on the components and amount of image work involved. 

If you'd like to use this service, please provide high resolution images (at least 300 dpi at intended print size) and spell-checked name-checked text for each separate panel and AB label face. Estimates are free with no obligation to proceed.
Replicat Vinyl Master Compilation Service
If you have mastered track files, but these files haven't been prepared specifically for vinyl, we offer a $250+gst service to prepare a master suitable for cutting.

The service includes bass summation, sub-sonic filtering, WAV A+B output and cue sheet output. 

Please note, this service does not cover individual track mastering - so you'll need to do that part first.

We'd like to thank..

We've generated a huge library of photos via the free production run photo service during the past couple of years. All of these artists and many of the designers and studios have been credited on our Instagram post. In addition, we'd like to thank the following labels and artists for the use of their images on this website page:

Mark Bolan & T-Rex, Thunderwing LP, released by Possum Records 2021
The Wiggles, Hot Potato! The Best of the OG Wiggles, released by ABC Music 2023
This is Andre Warhurst, Andre Warhurst, released by Rubber Records 2023
Feels Good, Choirboys, released by Big Bad Music 2021
Recognition Award, Movember, awarded to supporters and sponsors of the Movember campaign 2020-2023
Courageous B, Matty B, released by Matthew Barrett 2023
All These Walls, Gretta Ziller, released by ABC Music 2023
Freedom, Lucid Safari 2023
Non Compos Mentic, Hebephrenique, released by Gutter Prince Cabal 2023
Beautiful World single, Devo, released by Golden Robot Records 2022
YEAH NAH /MT 2 MOVE, The Wayward Sons 2021