Creating a custom shape pin design

Just send us a sketch, photo, band logo with your ideas on how you'd like the pin to look. We don't need a 3D design from you - we'll create that as part of the production process.

We'll then make a recommendation on the best production technique.

As a starting point you'll probably have an idea on your preferred solid metal colour - such as gold, silver, black metal, gun metal, bronze, rose gold - perhaps with an antique finish.

But then there are colours and prints - which may require an enamel approach - or even a CMYK print with epoxy resin dome.

Some designs will work very well as a flatter design with small amounts of raised text, reliefs and filigree work. But if you're looking for something truly 3D, that's also possible.

Finally, we'll need a pin type - and if you're also choosing our pin album backing cards, it's important that we select a single pin and clasp to push through the card - rather than a safety pin.

If you've never made a pin before, that's fine! We're here to step you through the process.