How Are Replicat Vinyl Records Made?

All records and print are manufactured here in Australia.

We cut a lacquer from the client master, then create a plating (also known as metalwork), put that plating in a press and create test pressings. 

These test pressings are sent via courier to clients for approval.

If the order is 300 units or above, we also create a mother from the plating and store this. We can create further platings from this mother in future without needing a new lacquer - which is important for reruns, and for new platings if we've run more than 1K units and exhausted the original plate. If you're intending to rerun the title, please talk to us about mothers.

Test pressings generally take around 4 weeks, but this does vary depending on plant capacity.

Once test pressing approval is received, the job goes into the production queue. The typical pressing turnaround is 4 weeks for black, 6 weeks for solid colours and 8 weeks for multi-colours (split, mash, marble, smoke, splatter). 

All vinyl jackets and inserts are also printed here in Australia. Once we receive your artwork, we pre-flight the art to check correct format, then email a high resolution PDF proof. Upon approval, we proceed to print. Hardcopy proofs are available for an extra fee on request - and we also offer photos of hardcopy proofs on occasion to check non-colour detail (such as the expected clarity of small text).

It's important to note that a job can't be placed in the pressing queue until AB label artwork is approved - so it's a good idea to have artwork in at the same time as you place the order, or at least within a week or two of order submission.


If you have any specific questions in relating to our pressing, proofing, and printing processes, just ask our team on 1300 727 685.