Secure High Speed Data Duplication


Most of our USB runs are formatted and/or data loaded at the factory at the time the USB drives are purchased. Our instant quote pricing is based on that factory service.

But if you already have your own drives - or you'd like us to supply drives but have a particular security requirement for supervised local data load - then we can assist. We have a high speed 31-port tower in Melbourne and can provide a 3 to 4 working day turnaround on most projects.

Minimum run size 200 units. Prices as follows:

Quantity FAT format  +

+ Data load
(Add to format cost)

200 to 499 $1.20 + $0.10 per GB
500 to 999 $1.15 + $0.08 per GB
 1000+ $1.10 + $0.06 per GB


Prices do not include 10% GST.

Please note:

  1. We do not duplicate business card or other flat USB shell styles. Swivel slide and open port shells are fine.
  2. Maximum 15GB data load. Larger drives would require custom test and quote.
  3. Prices are based on receiving a single shell type / capacity for processing. If you have more than one shell type, surcharges may apply.
  4. If data load is required, please provide 2 x master copies. Master drives must be the same drive type / model / capacity as slave drives. We will provide EXACT copies of these masters - no additional authoring is undertaken.
  5. Copy and compare provided as standard service. Drives will fail compare tests at times. Fails are charged at same rate as passed drives, but these drives will be isolated in the returned stock.
  6. Clients are responsible for delivery of their drives to our showroom, and collection via their own staff / courier.

If you have a particular requirement, please check with us. Our tower has a few extra functions available such as full drive wipe and we can quote on request.