Offset Print (Plate)

Used for: all paper and cardboard products - booklets, gatefold wallet, digipacks, direct mail, boxes

Run size: 500 units and above

Offset print is the most common paper / cardboard print technique. The process involves transferring ink from a plate to a rubber blanket to the paper / card stock.

Each plate itself can contain a number of different print jobs on a single 700 * 450mm (approx) or larger plate. The separate jobs are then trimmed apart on a guillotine before proceeding to further print finishing such as fold / glue and laminate lines.

The offset presses typically have cyan, magenta, yellow and black stations comprising the four elements of CMYK full colour printing. Larger presses may have additional stations to cater for in-line varnish or Pantone spot colour passes.

Offset print is typically used on all full colour cardboard or paper print runs with a run quantity of 500 units or more.