Our site provides an elegant solution for clients that wish to include Bandcamp and other site redemption codes in their product packs.


  1. Create a private, no-charge album on Bandcamp 
  2. Grab the Bandcamp download codes and send us the spreadsheet

We'll do the rest. We've developed systems to screenshot your album cover and print that image plus individual codes to each card.

Every product in our extensive merchandise range can become an album on your merch stand - garments, pins, drinkware, caps, anything. We've developed three different types of cards with this in mind:

  • Download cards to insert in CD or vinyl albums
  • Backing cards for custom pins and badges
  • Swingtag cards for all other merchandise

The card print files are prepared by experienced Replicat staff, and the album image ensures that the correct cards are attached to the correct album or merch item. Indeed, most of the cards are printed and cut in the Replicat office.