Master guidelines & services - vinyl

7" vinyl, 12" vinyl

Maximum length per side 7" Approximately 5 mins per side
Maximum length per side 12" Approximately 22 mins per side
Preferred master format Single WAV + cue sheet for each side
Preferred audio type 24 bit 96kHz WAV 


Longer playlengths can be accommodated, but there will always be a trade off in audio quality (signal to noise ratio) if you push the limit. Check our recommended vinyl playlengths to see how different genres have different limits.

We can also accept individual tracks + cue sheet, provided the track files have the exact required gaps already included in each track.

16bit WAV files are also completely fine - especially if you're re-releasing back catalogue and converting 16bit 44 kHz CD releases to vinyl.


If you need a hand to create vinyl ready masters from any audio format, please check our mastering service. A basic phase + filter + cue sheet service starts at only $250+gst and is an excellent investment.