Prices, Special Offers & Price guarantee

We are committed to provide competitive rates and outstanding value in every product category. 

Product Prices

You'll find full project costs at the minimum order quantity for every product in the gallery . Individual product pages can then drill down into pricing for different quantities and components.

Special Offers

We've created a few exceptional offers for self-published artists and record labels during 2020.

The main change to our pricing was to introduce an off peak service for our renowned CD DVD gatefold wallet & traypack (digipack) range.

This off peak service has lowered the price of the entire printed cardboard CD range by 10-20%. While the lead times are longer (mid month master / artwork cutoff for delivery late the following month), we still cater for urgent media release and launch stocks with the 'need some fast' option. Check any traypack, gatefold or cardboard sleeve product and you'll be able to toggle between fast and off peak options to check the overall project pricing. Last time we checked, even the 'need some fast' service provided the lowest overall project price in the industry for every pack in this category. 

Record labels and multi-title deliveries still receive free shipping.

We will convert print ready artwork for back catalogue titles to Replicat spec at no cost if you're looking to move a label or self-published catalogue to us.

Multiple different garments decorated with the same design and decoration technique are only charged a single setup.

And if there's something we should offer because you've seen it elsewhere and would like Replicat to introduce it too, please let us know. We are here for our clients and seek to offer outstanding value at every turn.


Price Guarantee

If you've found a cheaper published price for the same item, please let us know.

We'll check current spot rates with our suppliers. From time to time special offers become available, or our suppliers may be willing to discount to clear a product line.

We'll do the research to find you the best value and best solution. We won't just price match either, we'll look for alternatives at an acceptable quality and lead time that can beat your alternative quote by at least 5% and if we succeed we'll provide one or more detailed new quotes in response.

Our aim is to form longstanding partnerships with our clients and provide exceptional value. Please alert us to other quotes or better offers if they arise. It's our job to ensure that our prices remain competitive and with over 150K different products, we need and encourage your ongoing price feedback.