Digital Distribution

Replicat is an independent manufacturer and can accept masters and artwork with barcodes and ISRC codes issued by any label, CD distributor or digital aggregator you choose.

However, if you're still deciding how best to go about selling your music on iTunes, Spotify and other digital stores, we did some research for Replicat clients and recommend that you include Ditto Music in your short list. They offer quite reasonable fees (starting at $19 per album/yr), free barcodes and ISRC codes, 100% of digital royalties paid back to the artist, non-exclusive agreements, 100K+ artists signed worldwide, strong PR services and customer service people here in Australia. In our opinion it's a good mix.

Hint: When you're choosing a digital co, pick one that offers 100% royalties paid back to the artist. Many companies offer one-off or low start up fees, but they quickly become more expensive by paying only 80-90% of your digital earnings and keeping 10-20% for themselves. Ditto have the lowest up front fees and best support services of any 'pay 100%' company we researched and that's why they came out at the top of our list.

Have a no obligation chat with the Ditto team on 03 9416 4976
or just jump in and sign up your album via the Ditto site

We recommend starting this process at least a week before you place your order for disc manufacture, as you'll need time to get the free barcode and ISRC codes back onto your master and artwork. Replicat also has inexpensive services if you need help to do this. Here's a handy utility to create a barcode image from your barcode number if you need it for album artwork.

Important: We research and recommend certain vendors (Ditto, various studios) just to help our clients. Neither Replicat nor Ditto receives any form of commission from the other, nor are we a third party to any contract you make. Check out any digital or physical distribution contract thoroughly and make sure it's right for you before signing, regardless of who you choose.