Brunswick Aces non-alcoholic gin

Replicat enjoys a close relationship with the Melbourne premium botanical distillers Brunswick Aces.

This world-renowned local product is a valuable addition to any VIP gift, providing an (often much needed) non-alcoholic drink for adults, ideal for the holiday season.

If you haven't tasted these hand-crafted gins before, prepare to be blown away. There's a depth of flavour unheard of in a non-alcoholic drink - a genuine talking point for you and the gift recipient. Brunswick Aces gin is a distilled botanical not a flavoured water.

We can include cocktail recipes and a flyer detailing the gin on request, but our personal favourite is as follows:

  • Brunswick Aces 'Spades' or 'Hearts' non-alcoholic gin
  • Best quality tonic water
  • 3 slices pink grapefuit
  • Lots of ice

Josie & I have now had the above cocktail by choice more times than we can remember (and I'm a regular G&T drinker from way back).

To include a Brunswick Aces bottle or half-bottle in your corporate gift box set, please include it in your custom product order request.