Custom Shaped Product

Custom shaped products. Instantly recognisable. Unique to the brand. Sometimes even collectable. 

Replicat offers several options to create bespoke products, including:

  1. Custom shaped metal pins & badges
  2. Custom shaped metal and PVC keyrings
  3. Custom shaped medals and printed lanyards
  4. Custom shaped PVC USB flash drive shells
  5. Custom shaped PVC and cast metal toys & figures
  6. Custom leathergoods - cut, foiled and debossed to your image
  7. Custom tailored workwear - with base and trim fabrics dyed to your exact brand guidelines and fit tailored to your brand image

If you'd like to create a custom shaped product for your organisation, please contact us to arrange a Zoom meeting or showroom appointment, or use our custom product request form to provide the project details.

You'll also find the custom shaped pins, badges, keyrings and medals in our gallery, ready for you to build an estimate on screen and see the difference in cost for different sizes and various print, antique, epoxy and other finishes.